Thursday, December 20, 2018

Yellowstone Falls, Yellowstone National Park, MT, WY and ID
Here is a message to you from the boss pica,
who lives right there in Yellowstone National Park.

Today is Thursday, December 20th, 2018

This week’s theme is:
Leadership and Responsibility
People who distinguish themselves at a high level
in their chosen field are game changers.
They are leaders because they inspire,
or “give permission” to those coming up next
to become who they are.
I want to honor some women who led the way,
or who are still leading the way in the art field.
Yayoi Kusama of Japan
Frida Kahlo of Mexico
Georgia O’Keeffe of the United States

Elisabeth Vigee LeBrun of France
Kara Walker of the United States

Here’s a real game changer, the fearless, Sue Austin,
from Great Britain.
She’s a multi-media performance and installation artist.
Sue works with an arts organization  called Freewheeling

Sue Austin did a series of performances
in conjunction with the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics
called, “Creating the Spectacle”.
Her underwater wheelchair is adapted
from a standard-issue National Health Service chair,
with battery powered propellers and perspex aerofoils
to control turns.

BPA News:
Pizza Party- Today during lunch.

Results from Regionals
Intermediate Word Processing
Ryan Perry- 1st
Audrey Olson- 2nd
Desktop Publishing
Haylea Wemple-4th
PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Mason Agee-  2nd
Cameron Moore- 3rd
Information Tech Concepts
Mason Agee- 1st
Cameron Moore- 7th
Marketing, Management and Human Resources
DJ Waldo- 7th
Lilly Challinor -5th
Medical Office Procedures
Ryan Perry-7th
Computer Security
Cameron Moore- 3rd
Mason Agee- 2nd
Computer Programming Concepts
Cameron Moore- 3rd
Mason Agee-5th

Digital Communication
Audrey- 2nd
Digital Marketing Concepts
Nora- 2nd
Audrey- 4th
Haylea- 6th
Bank and Finance
Audrey Olson- 6th place
Website Design Team- 1st place
Audrey Olson
Madison Allred
Madi Bahr

Presentation Management Team- 2nd place
Jill Challinor
Lilly Challinor
Robert Crosbie
Madi Bahr
Prepared Speech-  placed 1st and 2nd
Gracie Smith
Nora Goodwin
Extemporaneous Speech      
Gracie Smith -2nd

This competition is sort of like watching the Super Bowl just for the commercials.
The holiday season is the best time of the year for British television viewers.
Two stores put out some amazing ads and we will show you a few this week.
Here is a viral video for the John Lewis store chain all the Brits are super crazy for, this year!
Elton John became chairman and director of the Watford Football Club in 1976.
Rod Stewart is on the right! The club traces its history back to 1881
and this picture is from their Hey Day era.

Elton sings “Pinball Wizard” from the 1975 movie, “Tommy”,
done after an earlier rock opera album written by The Who.

This Week in Victor:
Monday 17

Tuesday 18

Wednesday 19
  • BPA Regionals- bus leaves at 6:45
  • HS Concert 7PM arrive 6:30
Thursday 20
  • HSBB Vs Lincoln (H) 2:30. BGBG
  • Pep Band please plan to stay for Varsity
Friday 21
  • HSBB Vs TER (A) 1:00.  Bus leave at 10:00 Coach
Saturday 22

Here are a couple pictures from yesterdays
1st & 8th grade buddies gift exchange
and STEM Science challenge.  
Fun was had by all and slime ended up all over.

December 17
December 18
December 19
December 20

Salisbury Steak,
Mashed Potatoes,
Green Beans,
Bread Stick,

Thursday-none (Holiday break begins)

Please continue to sell your Raffle tickets over the Christmas break.
They will be due when we return so we can draw a winner.

FFA will be selling coffee on Thursday before school!

If you signed up for Pop Shot, 50/50, or concessions
For Thursday’s game make sure you are there.

Pop Shot
Jadyn Scheffer
Price Johnson
Russell Drewien

Nora Goodwin

1st shift JV games
Bailey Johnson
Haylie Tolley
Taylor McKinnley

2nd Shift Varsity Games
Jadyn Scheffer
Jesse Wyatt
Alexis Wyatt


Appointments Available
10:00am - 3:00pm
Sign up at
or talk to Ms. Lynch

16 & 17 year-olds can donate
with parent permission
-get one from or Ms. Lynch
Current Athletes: Please do NOT donate at this time.

After Lunch!!!  
Stop by Mrs. Jaquith’s to purchase ice cream!  Yum.
Counseling Office News: (don’t erase)
Middle School BEAR Group outing Friday, Dec. 21st.
Pick up a flyer from Mrs. Martin

Academic World Quest Competition March 4th and 5th, 2019.
Ask Spencer or Hamburg if you’re interested in joining a team.

Would the following students please come to the office:
Riley Bell Mason Agee
Louis Nascimento Jaysson Hadley
Montana Pruett Russell Drewien
Marina Gotcher Gracie Cannard
Summer Short Caydence Lamb
Shelby Brandenburg DJ Waldo
Billy Brandenburg Jackson Landon
Alyssa Saville
Thank you!

Pre-order your 2019 Yearbook and pay $40 instead of $45.  
Sign up before January 25 and get a free name stamp.
See Mrs. Wildey for details.  

*Senior Pics are needed ASAP.  
Get your pictures to The yearbook staff,
Mrs. Wildey, or Mr. Gulman…

Other Announcements?
Have a fun winter break, Pirates!
We’ll see you back here
on Wednesday, January 2nd!

Please stand for the pledge of allegiance