Wednesday, October 18, 2017



 It’s Wacky Wednesday, October 18th, 2017
       Let’s have some fashion fun!

This week’s Theme:
Fun and Excitement
Max McKeown studies innovation and risk. He often talks about the shock of immersing yourself in something new in order to INNOVATE. When you need to change and grow, try something new. Introduce yourself to a wider circle of people. Travel somewhere you’ve never been. Look around you and see if there is something you have overlooked and make the effort to learn about it.
It might lead you someplace amazing!

Speaking of Taking the Plunge!!!Plunge-Icon.gif
December 2, 2017  
                                     Grizzly Dip in Missoula
To Join the Pirate Plungers  See Mrs. Jaquith!!!!  
What is a Cool School?
A cool school is a group of students, faculty and staff brave enough to take the dip into freezing cold waters to support Special Olympics Montana programs in their schools and communities.  Gather your friends, teammates, teachers and principals and create a Polar Plunge team together for your local plunge. Together create memories and raise funds to support Special Olympics athletes in your school and community.

Our focus is being to class on time and prepared.  


Wednesday 18
  • It is National Medical Assistant’s Day
  • You’re welcome.
Thursday 19
  • MEA Day (No School)
  • HSFB Vs Twin Bridges (A) 5:00.  Bus leaves at 12:00.  Coach
Friday 20
  • MEA Day
  • HSVB Vs Lincoln (A) 5:00 Bus leaves at
Saturday 21
  • HSVB Vs Valley Christian (H). 4:00  Senior Night -TIME CHANGE

From The Galley:

Taco​ ​Stew, Tortilla​ ​Chips, Applesauce, Cookie -Salad​ ​Bar-

Fall Break


Do something fun and exciting!

Did someone say SALAD BAR?

Counseling Office News:  Mentor training from 12-1:00 on Monday, October 23. Pizza provided but stop by the lunchroom to get something to drink.

HONOR SOCIETY: Who forgot to come in yesterday?  
New items need to be brought in and the refrigerator needs to be stocked…
And STILL...nobody showed up.

BPA Members-
  • Your $30 dues need to be paid by October 30! You will not be registered until your dues are paid.  
  • BPA Meeting Monday October 23 in Mrs. Wildey’s room during lunch.  


Attendance Issues 10/18/17 Please come to the office right after ETHOS.
Marina Gotcher
Alexis Harlon

Mrs. Barrett in the office is still looking for YOUR purple sheets.  Please drop them off for her.
Emily Madrigal
Louis Nascimento
Moria Perry
Taylor Sage
Samuel Smorowski
Nola Smorowski

These Students still have not turned in their chromebook pink sheets and or fees.  The office needs them by next Thursday or your chromebooks will be turned off!!!
William Brandenburg
Landon Nuttall
Gabriel Pierson
Nola Smorowski
Ian Brown
Ethan Joy
Trinity Nohr
Daron Partney
Louis Nascimento
Carsen Watts
Demetri Beck
Riley Bell
Lilian Challinor
Hunter Davis
Camille Drewien
Cameron Moore
Trevan Nuttall
Moria Perry
Joyce Rockwood
Taylor Seppel
Samuel Smorowski
Skyler Webberson
Bridger Whitcomb
Hunter Culbertson
Autumn Garrard
Garritt Gleason
John Harberts
JD Kay
Taylor Sage
Cameron Stewart
Waylon Barta
Aaron Harberts
Cole Hudson
William Jessop
Kristin Kuettel
Autumn Shull
Caitlin Stewart
Jacob Thomas
Lexie Varner

FFA News:

  1. Some of the FFA members owe money for jackets, officer polos and other items. The order I placed was almost $800 so the chapter needs you to get your money in asap. The following owe money

    1. Jacob Potter (Jacket) $55.00
    2. Jill Challinor (Jacket) $55.00
    3. Elize West (Jacket) $55.00
    4. Lilly Challinor (Officer gear) $30.00
    5. Gracie Smith (Officer Gear) $30.00
    6. Emma Day (Officer Gear) $30.00
    7. Wyatt Day (Officer Gear) $30.00

High School Science Olympiad Meeting
When: Wednesday @ Lunch Where: Mr. Bruner’s Room

The Students Rebuild challenge for this year is about FACING DIFFERENCES. Due to religious and ethnic differences, serious conflicts have arisen in Nigeria and Georgia Republic. Some of it has to do with immigration. When life is unbearable in your home country, sometimes it’s safer to move elsewhere. Fitting in can be a challenge. When Georgia gained Independence from the Soviet Union about 26 years ago, religious freedom was incredibly precious. Now new immigrants are arriving who worship in a different way.

The proceeds from this challenge will help train teens to work through their societal differences in order to create lasting friendships.

Here is an interesting introduction to one way Georgians express their unique culture.

Gulman and the Golden Ticket Intro

Other Announcements???????????

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fun and Excitement
Entrance Music

Kelso song  “It’s Your Choice Baby”


3rd Grade Helper ELI!!!

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready

Week of 10/16-18
Next Monday
Cheese Ravioli,
Marinara Sauce,
Green Beans,

Taco Salad,
Refried Beans,
-Salad Bar-

Taco Stew,
Tortilla Chips,
-Salad Bar-

No School!

Today’s Theme:
Fun & Excitement
3rd Grade

A new adventure can often be fun, and exciting!  Watch this video from Finding Nemo, and think of all the fun & excitement they had!
Although they encountered many challenges, they still had lots of fun!

Announcements from the
Title I:   Happy birthday, Mr. Johnston!!!
       Join us in singing Happy Birthday!
Kindergarten: We have one letter left in our ABC Boot Camp and we will have learned about EVERY letter in the alphabet! We are getting so smart!

First Grade
  We love our High School mentors! Thanks Bob & JD aka Mr. Kay for helping us learn to tell time.  

Second Grade: Second graders are working on write fright pictures for the paper.
Have you ever turned an enemy into a friend? Victor Second graders visited Mrs. Ogden’s art room and explored themes of friendship and community. They read a library pick by Ms. Lynch called “Enemy Pie”, and made our artistic versions of paper and clay pie slices on plates. They made silverware on the last class meeting and learned a great old song that says

“Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold!”

Enemy Pie is food for the soul! Yum!

Third Grade:
The 3rd graders just finished the last Willow Pond story!!  We learned a lot about the nine choices we can use to solve small problems, and when we need to go to a trusted adult for a big problem.

Fourth Grade:
Jim the “Pirate” came to read Mike Mulligan and His Steamshovel to the 4th grade.

Fifth Grade:
Fifth graders are working on their spooky stories for the Ravalli Republic. Look for their final products in the hall next week!



Pirate Clap:

Pirate Drawing: