Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Entrance Music:

This week’s theme:
Confidence to take Action

Mid-Term grades will be handed
out at parent/teacher conferences
on Thursday.


A video about 3 tips to gain confidence:

From The Galley:

Spaghetti W/Meat Sauce,
Garlic Toast,
Tropical Fruit
-Salad Bar-
Chili Cheese Fries,
Sweet Peppers,

Sponsored by the Victor Chapter of the
National Honor Society.
It’s definitely frozen outside,
so come to the movie at
to warm up.
What Els-ar you gonna do?
$2 per person
$5 for family of 4

Speaking of Taking Action!!!!!?????
Check out this video clip of a Skier who
won the X games Real Ski contest with this video.
Enjoy Swedish Rap….


Wednesday 13
  • MSBBB Vs Florence (H).  5:00

Thursday 14
  • Food drive ends- delivery to Victor Food Bank 
  • MS/HS Parent Teacher Conference 5-8PM
  • Honors Society MOVIE 7:00 pm
Friday 15
  • HSBB Vs Darby (H) 2:30.  BGBG

Saturday 16
  • HSBB Vs Drummond (A) 2:30.  BGBG.  
    • Bus leaves at 11:30.  Coach


FFA News (Do Not Erase):

1. FFA is hosting a Chili Feed at the Parent Teacher conferences.

WE need more people to bring chili or soup please see Ms.Tintzman to sign up.

The following students are responsible for bringing food:

Cassidy Buchanan

Lilly Challinor

Gracie Smith

Wyatt Day

Jadyn Scheffer

Delilah Beck Madi BahrNora GoodwinJill Challinor
  • You will need to cook this food at home and bring it into the school. 
  • Do not forget and make Tintzman grumpy.  

2. FFA will be selling 50/50 tickets at the basketball games on Friday. Please make sure you show up and do your job.

***It’s not Ms.Tintzman’s job to do your fundraising for you.
  • Boys Varsity (You should be there by 4pm) Cassidy Buchanan & Gracie Smith
  • Girls Varsity (You should be there by 5pm) Wyatt Day & Emma Day

  • Pop Shot at Varsity half time. You need to have the pop and basketball ready 2 minutes before half time so that you can get everything set up quickly while the teams are in the locker rooms. 
  • Boys Varsity: Cassidy Buchanan & Gracie Smith
  • Girls Varsity: Emma Day

3. FFA is responsible for cleaning up the gym after the game. If you want to travel with the FFA chapter make sure you are there to help.
-If you want to travel with the FFA chapter make sure you are there to help.

4. Raffle Tickets: You have until Feb 1st to sell your raffle tickets.
  • Make sure you sell at least 20 tickets.
  • Turn your money and tickets into Tintzman.

5. If you are taking a steer or bred heifer to the Ravalli County Fair:

this is a very important announcement!!!
  • Weigh-In is on January 6th at Sutherlin Farms (415 Spooner Creek Rd Stevensville, MT) 
  • You need to get the paperwork from Tintzman before you go to Weigh-In. 
  • If you miss Weigh-In you will NOT be allowed to show or sell at the Ravalli County Fair.


Counseling Office News:
If you want to take Montana Digital Academy courses this spring,
you need to register now with Ms. Martin, some classes may fill up soon.

BPA Members

  • All tests must be completed by December 20.  

  • Projects required for presubmit are due December 21.

  • December 21- BPA Pizza party during lunch.  

From the Office for 12/13 Wednesday
The following students need to see Tina
regarding attendance:
Dauson Chavez
Hunter Culbertson
Marina Gotcher
Taylor Sage
Ty Street
Alec Bowcutt
Isaiah Munoz
Mitchell Stuckey
Isaiah White
Jordan Bowcutt
Jacob Potter
Sam Smorowski
Also, I need the following students with their
Out of District Forms:
Luke Evans
Elize Keel
Kristin Kuettel

Other Announcements???????????

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Exit music:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Elementary Ethos December 12, 2017

Kelso song  “It’s Your Choice Baby”

This week’s theme:
Fun and Excitement
Enjoy what you do! Enjoy your work and enjoy your play!

It’s true that your chores at home are your work and your current job is schoolwork. Here’s a peek at a new amusement park that is designed especially for kids who want to play like working adults.
You don’t need a fancy amusement park to imagine being a grown up with a cool job.
Did you know that the imaginative games you play at recess are training your brain for new situations? Believe it or not…
When you play you become a better storyteller and you use new words to fit the play situation!
When you play you learn to get along with others!
When you play you can imagine how other people feel! That’s called empathy.

When you play you use your creativity! Woot-Woot!
When you play you learn to solve problems!
It’s a good thing some of your work is to have fun!

Want to see something cool? Greetings to you all from President’s Park in Washington DC! The National Park Service wrote to say thanks for the wonderful Victor School poems and pictures that were put on our twelve ornaments. They will be on display until January and then will become part of the official park collection of ornaments. You can check out our ornaments here:

You can click on a picture of a Montana ornament and read about our school and how we made our ornaments by writing poems with Caroline Patterson!
Sponsored by the Victor Chapter of the
National Honor Society.
It’s definitely frozen outside,
so come to the movie at
to warm up.
What Els-ar you gonna do?
$2 per person
$5 for family of 4

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready
Be Kind!!!!!!!

Week of 12/12
Next Monday
BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Potato Smiles, Broccoli, Fruit

Taco Stew, Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Melon -Salad Bar

Spaghetti W/Meat Sauce, Garlic Toast, Salad, Tropical Fruit -Salad Bar

Chili Cheese Fries, Sweet Peppers, Peaches, Cookie

Announcements from the
Kindergarten kids are busy making holiday crafts, lots of paste, paint, and EXTRA glitter.! Between painting snowmen and making a glorious parent gift we are practicing our reading, adding  subtracting , and measuring.  It is a busy month in the littlest Pirate's room.

Title I:

Second Grade:
Second graders are busy with poster contest, writing about what it means to be a Victor Pirate and learning how to keyboard; as well as being busy with Christmas related activities.

Third Grade:  
The 3rd graders have been working hard on memorizing their multiplication facts!  They are doing so awesome, and will be starting division next week.  We will also be crafting some festive Christmas ornaments as gifts next week, and might even try to make some glitter slime!

Fourth grade:  
Fourth graders are working on the physical and behavioral adaptations of animals. A physical adaptation is some type of structural modification made to a part of the body. A Behavioral Adaptation is something an animal does - how it acts - usually in response to some type of external stimulus.  

Today is also National:

Fifth grade:

The graders are learning how to do research by writing mini-reports on how Christmas is celebrated around the world!

Art News:
We are learning about Magpies in Art class so we can do some bird art. Here is a cool nest built by a magpie pair on our school custodian, Lyle’s property. It has twigs, thick mud and smaller more flexible plant parts. Lyle has horses at home. The magpies included some horse hair in the softest part of the nest where the eggs go! Birds are clever engineers.

They are also helpful to bison! How do you think this bison gets rid of the ticks and insects that get in his coat? They are delicious--to a magpie!


They really, really do help our school!!!!

Pirate Clap:

Pirate Drawing: