Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Good Morning!!!

New faces in the crowd!!!!

Juliana Ugalde will be our new Social Studies teacher!  She's from the University of Montana so she'll be rooting for the Griz!  Welcome her and be sure to tag her classroom with Blue and Gold for the Big Game this fall!

Jessica Pepprock will be working as a Title teacher in the Elementary School this year.

Sierra Bauer is the second Title Teacher this year.

Cassie Tintzman will be our new AG Educator and FFA Advisor.

Lindsay Orem will be working with Melody Lindsay with the High School YEP program.

Leslie Tracy and Jodi   will be our Elementary YEP staff.  Be particularly nice to Jodi, as she has spent time at the Single Pebble, poor girl..... :-)

Kaylie Strandberg will be student teaching with Bonnie.  She's a Bluehawk from Dickinson State.  Yeah, we knew that!

Julie Woolington wil be student teaching with Dori.

Tyler Riggs will be student teaching with Tina Jolly.  Let's have a moment of silence for this poor soul.

At present we have hired Nikki Casale as one Title paraprofessional and we have hired Kristin Hanson to replace Wally.  We are looking at finding some other Special Ed. paraprofessionals to replace Robin and Kelly.

Steering Committee:  Tina Jolly, Brandon, Rick, Tracy, Melody

Positive Behaviors/Rewards:  Tommy, Dennis, Jessica, Jodie, Sue Davis

8 Conditions:  Lindsay, Bonnie, Dori, Juliana

Public Relations Team:  Amber, John, Joe, Cassie

Health and Welfare:  Jennifer, Sue Lane, Gene and Lyle

Technology:  Laurie, Carrie, Ed. Clare

Student Intervention Team:  Sierra, Ed, Leslie, Brooke

Testing Strategies and Data Collection:  Cynthia, Rona, Janet, Nathan

What else???????  Goalposts, STAR Testing, Gym Floor, Chromebooks, lots going on.

HUGE thanks to:

Dori, Tina J., Brandon, Rick, Brooke and Melody for attending the MBI training in Kotzebue, AK this June.

Dori, Tina J., Rick, Brooke, Nathan, and John for attending the Differentiated Instruction Training in Las Vegas.

Technology Committee:  Laurie, Carrie, Amber, and Ed for meeting diligently all summer long to figure out Chromebooks and all the possible angles.

Curriculum for CTE and Workplace Competencies:  Bonnie, Laurie, and Dennis.  Kristy was on it, but we no longer care to thank her.  :-)

Boys play football in Kamiah, ID on Friday.

Girls play at Arlee on Friday night!!!

Let's have a great year!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014

School is warming up!!!!!!

This is a picture of the committee working on the implementation of Chromebooks!!!

Stay tuned!!!!

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The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. - William Morris

School starts on September 2, 2014.....Football and Volleyball have started and are ready to roll!!!

Stay tuned.....