Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wednesday 10-10-2018

Entrance Music:

Jazz pianist Joey Alexander released his 3rd album this past summer, and is still just 15 years old.

Wednesday, October 10

This weeks theme is Curiosity & Creativity

Places to train in Creative Careers………….

From the galley:

Tuesday 10/9/2018
Wednesday 10/10/2018

Sausage Pizza
Cottage Cheese
-Salad Bar-
Taco Stew
Tortilla Chips
Sweet Peppers

Counseling Office News: (don’t erase) Juniors the PSAT test is all morning
on Wed. Oct. 10, bring a check made out to Victor School for $16.00
Seniors-Financial Aid Night for you and your parents is on Wed. Oct 10th
from 5-6 PM. Pizza Provided.  A representative from Reach Higher will be here
to help.

This Week In Victor

  • Wed
    • PSAT All Morning
  • Thurs
    • Picture Retakes 8:15 - ?


More and more students, as well as adults, are disrespecting our home.  
Hundreds of volunteer hours went into having this auditorium built for use.  
We have been asked many times to please keep our feet of the seats or seat back,
and every day people are being asked to remove their feet.  
We have been asked to keep ALL food and drinks out of the Auditorium.  
Please respect the rules and leave the food, pop, coffee, etc. out!


If you are disruptive, visiting, or not working on instructional material,
tutoring hours will not be counted toward your extracurricular playing time.  
You must be working on school work or silently reading to get hours counted (bring a book).

Tuesday:  Melton
Wednesday:  Beckwith
Thursday:  Schnarr
Friday:  Jolly

FFA NEWS!!!!!!

The Nile (Northern International Livestock Expo)
Is this Sunday the 14th - Monday the 15th.
The following students qualified to attend:

Senior Team
Wyatt Day
Gracie Smith
Teasha Johnson
Cassidy Buchanan
Emma Day
Nora Goodwin

Junior Team
Bailey Johnson
Jesse Wyatt
Rivyr Lyman
Caleb Rockwood
Bella Scichilone
Taylor McKinnley

Please make sure you turn in a permission
Slip and go to tutoring if you are on the tutoring list.
The bus will leave from the Stevi high School at 2:45pm
On Sunday October 14th. Please bring OD, money for food,
And a swimming suit. Our hotel has a water slide.

JDAE will take place in Bozeman on November 15th-17th
If you want to attend you need to be signed up
So Ms. Tintzman can get registration in by
October 19th. If you sign up and don’t attend
You will be charged the 20$ registration fee.
We currently have 26 students signed up
That means 26 X 20$ = 520$ for registration fees

Students Currently Signed up:
Ashley Buchanan
Bella Scichilone
Brooklyn Groth
Lilly Challinor
Emma Day
Teasha Johnson
Wyatt Day
Robert unger
Gracie Smith
Jill Challinor
Rivyr Lyman
Jesse Wyatt
Russell Drewin
Nora Goodwin
Naomi Freud
Ellyse Henderson
Cassidy Buchanan
Cale Alber
Price Johnson
Madi Cahr
Alec Rowlan
Alexis Wyatt
Haylie Tolley
Taylor McKinnley
Nola Smorowski
Caleb Rockwood

The FFA is starting a coffee shop
In the Ag Room.
Come in before 1st period Thursdays
to buy your coffee or Italian soda

Yearbook News-  
Has the yearbook cover ever disappointed you?
Have you ever wanted to design it? Well the wait is over!
This year the yearbook committee is taking entries for a cover!
We are taking entries until October 31st,
If you wish to submit one, or even just talk about possible ideas,
come over to Mrs. Wildeys room for more details.  

BPA Meeting Thursday in Mrs. Wildey’s room during lunch.  

The Polar Plunge is Coming
December 15, 2018

See Ms. Jaquith for details.  

Will the following Students please come to the office:
Marina Gotcher Robert Unger Naomi Freund Allison Loveless
Chloe Stanley Autumn Garrard
Jacob Idso Jesse Wyatt
JD Kay Collin McLane
Nola Smorowski Kyle Glasser
Kyah Mooring Chloe Pollan
Anthony Schwehr Dauson Chavez Skyla Sage Mason Agee
Riley McCarren Riley Bell
Sam Smorowski Tia Allred
Gracie Cannard Logan Jenne
Alyce Lyman
Thank you!!

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Exit Music:

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