Monday, November 5, 2018

Today is Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

This Week’s theme is: Sense Of Belonging

Middle School Volleyball will have their awards night
in the Multi Purpose Room On
Wed November 7th from 5-6 PM.                              

Ravalli Electric Co-op is holding an essay contest
to go to Washington DC!!! Here is the link:

BPA News

This Week in Victor:
Monday 5
  • Quarter 2 Begins
  • Middle School student council meeting at lunch
    • Distribute Food drive boxes
Tuesday 6
  • Due to Elections the gym will not be open
    • - All PE Classes will meet in the MSR Center
  • HS Fall Sports Award Ceremony 5:30 MSR Center

Wednesday 7

Thursday 8
  • MSBBB Vs Hellgate (H) 5:00
  • Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament
  • Open Gym - Multi- after middle school games
Friday 9
  • MSBBB Vs Darby (A) 4:30.  Bus leaves at 3:00. Yellow
  • Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament
Saturday 10
  • Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament

FFA NEWS!!!!!!
Did you know that pigs love pumpkins?
If you were going to throw your pumpkins away
Bring them to the school for Taco (our pig) instead.
Only one catch, they can’t be moldy yet.

FFA Raffle Tickets
3$ each or two for $5
Please sell at least one ten pack of
Raffle tickets before Thursday.
We need some more money in our account
Before we head off to JDAE on the 15th.

FFA Chapter Meeting Tuesday
November 6th @ 4:45pm
If you are attending John Deere Ag Expo
this is a Required meeting.
All officers are required to be in their OD!!!!

After Lunch!!!  Stop by Mrs. Jaquith’s to purchase ice cream!  Yum.

Counseling Office News:

Student Council News
Food must be collected for delivery to the food bank
by the Thursday before they give out their holiday baskets.
Canned, boxed and dry goods, (no fresh food).  
Our final date for each drive is the mornings of:
November 15th
December 13th

awesome coffee cup
please return
last seen in the library on top of Lynch's microwave

thank you

Tuesday Melton
Wednesday Lynch
Thursday Schnarr
Friday Beckwith
You must be working on school work
or silently reading to get hours counted (bring a book).

Girls Basketball
There is a parent meeting today
After school.

Other Announcements?

Brown and Evans (2002) argued that student connectedness included things such as commitment to school,
student autonomy, belonging to school and having a firm belief in rules of school.
Barber and Schluterman (2008) suggested that connectedness had four components:
the quality of a relationship (e.g., family bonding),
the degree of liking of an environment or relationship (e.g., liking school),
a feeling or attitude (e.g., sense of belonging)
and perceptions of antecedent conditions (e.g., feeling close to people).
Blum and Libbey (2004) described school connectedness as the belief, by students,
that adults within their school community care about their learning,
have an interest in them as individuals and have high academic expectations;
teacher–student relationships are positive;
and students feel safe at school.
McNeely, Nonnemaker and Blum (2002) described connectedness
in terms of students’ feelings of closeness to the people at school,
feeling happy at school, feeling a part of school,
feeling that teachers treated them fairly and feeling that they were in a safe environment.
Allen, Kelly-Ann., and Margaret L. Kern.
School Belonging in Adolescents Theory, Research and Practice (2017). Web.

Problems to tackle this week:

How can you, as an individual, help another individual feel a sense of belonging?
What can we do as a school to promote belonging?
Is all belonging good?
How do we balance group membership with acceptance of others?

Other Announcements?

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Exit music: In your atmosphere

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